Wild and Windy Night November 7 2017

No match for the wind

Yesterday was stormy over most of New Zealand. Parts of the country, including some of the West Coast lost power but luckily I didn’t. It blew all night–over 120 kph at times and sounded like the Big Bad Wolf was right outside.

There are two criteria for selecting outdoor furniture for Arnold Acres. 1. heavy enough not to blow away and 2. not metal so it won’t rust. These Adirondack chairs are the best option but heavy as they are, they were no match for last night’s windstorm. The blue rope tying them together slows them down but won’t hold them back completely in  continuous high winds.

These blew off too

The table and bench are pretty heavy too as proved when I moved them back up.

St Francis takes an unexpected nap

The statue is concrete so no harm was done.

Out the back door …

Luckily the watering can was half full or who knows where it would have ended up.

… and out the front door

Turned upside down

The thermometer snapped off at the top and upended.

Self-thinning branches

When we bought our eucalyptus trees we were told they were “self-thinning”. We found out that means branches fall off in the wind.

And not just branches hit the ground

Two trees snapped off completely.


One of the downed trees in the previous picture came from here.

Along with the wind there was 47mm of rain overnight and about 20 today. Luckily, the forecast for the next few days is for fine weather to allow the land to dry out.

Two more chairs bit the dust

I found these plastic chairs in the flax when I hung out some laundry a few days after the storm. They are lightweight but this deck is very sheltered and it’s the first time they have blown off.

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  1. Jane Mace says:

    The pictures are amazing. I don’t imagine you got a lot of sleep during the storm.

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