Saving a Hydrangea

Happy in its new home

This was the first hydrangea we planted. Subsequently we planted flaxes and some trees sowed themselves nearby.

Camouflaged by flaxes and trees

The hydrangea had been swallowed up and had almost disappeared. I was reminded of it every week or so when  I emptied the compost. Finally, last week, I decided it was now or never to rescue the scraggly shrub.

On its way

The little ride-on mower trailer comes in handy for all sorts of jobs. This load contained a bag of compost, a planting spade, fork, fertilizer, 1.3m crowbar, knee pads and other tools as well as the shrub soaking in a bucket of water.


I wasn’t able to dig the plant up without damaging the roots so about 80% of the top had to go.

Resting on a bale of pea straw

The hole was dug and the plant was just about ready to go in.

Stones come with the territory around here

Because the little shrub needed some TLC, I dug a large hole and removed the stones now piled up on the right. Over a half bag of compost (20+ liters) filled the void.

Ready to grow

All tucked up under pea straw, the hydrangea is ready to rest up over winter and start growing in the spring.


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