Remembering Cliff

Cliff and Clare enjoying a sunset together, February 2013.

In this post I want to show Cliff enjoying life. I have so many photos it was hard to decide which ones to use. They will be placed in no particular order.

This interesting picture shows us looking out of our kitchen window, peeking through the dark of the mountain across the paddock with the sunset glowing above us like a curtain. It was taken by our friend Graham.

Christmas Day 2013.

We liked going on a walk on Christmas day then going home for a special dinner. This bridge is between the Pororari River track and the Inland Pack track near Punakaiki. On each side of the bridge are good places to stop for lunch.

December 1990.

For 20 years, every second Christmas we flew to Baltimore to spend time with my family. This was taken at the house I grew up in.

Shifting topsoil April 2010.

Anyone who had been here lately would  have found it nearly impossible to believe the difference between then and 2017. Amazing what hard work can do.

Washing windows, May 2010.

Cliff washed the outside of the windows and I washed the inside which didn’t get dirty as easily. It took three hours to wash all of them. I was inspired by this picture to wash a few the other day.

Relaxing at the Grand Canyon, July 2009.

After we retired we no longer had to visit my family in the northern winter.  In 2009 we took the train from Oakland to Baltimore with a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

What a great day we had.

Moving more soil, October 2009.

Same T-shirt but a different job. This time Cliff is moving soil to our lawn area on the other side of the house next to the shed.

Practicing the piano, May 2009.

Cliff loved playing his piano and listening to classical music, especially piano music. I had been working upstairs that night and Cliff was so intent on his playing he hadn’t turned on any lights except the one above his music. When I went downstairs I couldn’t resist taking this photo.

January 2006 at TypeShop.

Cliff and I started our business, TypeShop Ltd, in 1988. At his previous job he’d typeset Break-In, the magazine of the New Zealand Amateur Radio Operators Association. When he left, they followed him to TypeShop where we produced Break-In for almost 20 years. In 2006 they took this photo for an article on how the magazine was put together.

That’s the cover on Cliff’s monitor and images for the  magazine are on his his copy stand.

On holiday in Whangarei, December 2003.

For about 15 years when we lived in the center of Christchurch we did not have a car. We lived within three blocks of our offices and easy walking distance to most places. In 2003 we bought our first car and drove all the way up to Kaitaia, stopping at various places along the way.

The Quarry Arts Centre is at a decommissioned quarry in the hills above Whangarei and well worth a visit.

Crow River near Arthur’s Pass, April 2012.

We went on our first overnight in September 2011 and then wasted no time in chalking up quite a few more.

Cliff, flying his drone, November 23 2016.

Cliff got his drone for an early Christmas present not too long before he died. He flew it quite a few times and enjoyed it immensely. We learned that gardens look a lot better from above—weeds aren’t visible.

Our brother-in-law, Sam, put together this tribute to Cliff.

Cutting a new path, December 2013.

Cliff cut this path to make it easier for me to weed wack this area between our house and the river. The blue tubing was put in to direct runoff under the path.

This junction is about 1.5k from our house. Photo July 2012.

We used to go “road walking” for exercise, this was on one of our routes.

This cheeky kea was fearless in Nelson Lakes National Park, October 2012.

Kea, New Zealand’s alpine parrot, are well known for destroying anything they can get their beaks on. This one hung around all day hoping we would leave so he could chew up our gear.

Crow Hut, February 2013.

We liked the tramp to Crow Hut in 2012 so much we led a group up the following year.

The boot pole on the Heaphy Track, February 2012.

Luckily we didn’t need to shop for boots on the Heaphy the way other trampers had—we even met someone whose boots had fallen apart on the track.

Building the fire pit, October 2011.

All of the stones in the wall came from our vegetable garden—all of our ground is mostly river stones. Here Cliff is shoveling in gravel for the floor.

Cape Reinga, December 2003.

One of the highlights of our first car trip was the top of the North Island. We went on a bus tour from Kaitaia to Cape Reinga.

Sand dune tobogganing near 90 Mile Beach, January 2004.

Sand dune sledding is part of many bus tours that go up to Cape Reinga. Cliff loved it.

Franz Josef, August 2012.

We took advantage of a winter special for a weekend at Franz Josef where we went for some day walks.

Mousie, always cheerful.

Cliff made this little wooden mouse in a woodturning class. Compare the smiles.

Cliff’s service sheet cover.

Cliff left us way too soon. I still can’t believe he is not here with me but I have lots of photos to remind  me of our happy times together.

Enjoying a meal, May 2013.

In 2013 we had a great trip to Europe. This picture was taken at Casalinga, a restaurant in Florence.

I thought I’d finish with such a happy photo of Cliff. I can’t help but smile when I look at this one.


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