Red Roses for Cliff on our Anniversary

Red roses for Cliff

April 24 would have been our 27th anniversary. We decided to get get married the day before Anzac Day so we’d always have a day off the next day. Once we retired every day was a holiday but the date made it easy to remember.

Because of a long spell of bad weather over the whole country I was lucky to get the last six red roses in Greymouth. A special on red roses at the supermarket had been advertised before Anzac Day but was withdrawn due to no flowers available. Cliff’s roses came from Courtyard Florist, a small recently opened shop in Greymouth.

Flowers from Cliff

Cliff loved surprising me with flowers. When we had TypeShop he would often go out on an errand and return with a bouquet. He’d get them for occasions or just because he walked by a florist.

Cliff’s flowers change weekly now

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