Our own rubbish dump

Rural still life

In the “anything goes” days long ago, country people thought that out of sight, out of mind was the way to go with all of their trash.

After we bought Arnold Acres in 2003 and we started cleaning up the noxious plants–gorse, broom, bullrush etc we found that under a lot of the soil was trash. This still life shows some old and not so old stuff collected in 2005.

Heading for the dump

A load of hidden trash on its way to the dump. Our old “ute” (Kiwi and Aussie for pick-up truck) came in handy to haul this stuff to its rightful resting ground.

Digging a whole for a new plant …

…  uncovered some more rubbish including a plastic bottle wedged under a log.

A baseball glove unearthed recently

A few weeks ago when I was planting some more trees I hit this when I tried to sink the shovel in the ground. After I cleaned a little dirt off I could identify what it was.

Leftover from home butchering

This was in that area too, and the following item.

Plastic is forever

This hanger has to be at least 14 years old and is in perfect, as new condition except the part where the plastic was worn off.

Another old relic unearthed in 2005

Most of the big stuff like this car door and headlight are long gone but there is still plenty of undercover trash to be found.

More plastic trash uncovered recently

Once a little of this stuff comes to the surface wekas love to dig it up. This pile is going to the dump.

A more substantial discarded item

This tire is going to stay where it is but it’s been there a while.

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