Memorial Tree for Cliff

Cliff’s beautiful tree—planted on his birthday.

Our good friends Patty and Alex, who live in Italy, wanted to give me a tree to honor Cliff’s memory. Patty spoke to the owner of our local nursery and decided a Japanese maple would be a nice choice. They have a beautiful shape and Cliff loved the color.

Clare meets Cliff’s tree in December

Two cards from Patty and Alex

Because December is summer here, it was the wrong time of year to plant a tree. It stayed at the nursery until mid March when the weather is better for planting.

The spindly looking things jutting out from the tree are new branches with bud ready for spring.

Digging a hole

This isn’t actually where the tree was to go but it shows what we are up against when digging a hole for any reason. This stone is about 1.5 times the size of a rugby ball. The crowbar, essential for breaking up soil and stones around here, is in the background. There were plenty of stones in the maple tree’s hole ranging from large grapefruit size on down.

My view from inside the house

Japanese maples are hardy but don’t like wind which is a problem around here especially summertime in the afternoon when the wind roars up the valley from the sea. This spot was chosen because it is sheltered from that westerly wind by the house and from the easterly wind by the shed and shrubs. I think the tree will be very happy there.

Thank you Patty and Alex for a wonderful gift.

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2 Responses to Memorial Tree for Cliff

  1. Patty Azaro says:

    Clare, We are so honored that you have taken such care to find the perfect spot for the tree. If we had known how difficult it would be to dig a hole for this tree we would have found a way to help with that too. We hope you that you didn’t do it by yourself.
    It looks sensational and Cliff couldn’t help but be pleased.
    Patty & Alex

    • Clare says:

      The tree is really beautiful and happy in its new home. I was able to look at it during breakfast this morning. Thank you both for being so thoughtful.

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