Loopline Road, in search of the new cycle trail, near Kumara

Loopline Road

For the past few walks we’ve been in search of the new parts of the cycle trail which will eventually go from Greymouth to Ross. Today’s walk was along a forestry road. We started between the Kapitea Resevoir and the Kumara Resevoir.  Loopline Road loosely parallels State Highway 73 and the Taramakau River.

A warm Kiwi welcome at the beginning of the walk.

This area is full of resevoirs, dams, mini power stations, spillways and other things necessary for generating power. Don’t even think of swimming!

A hideaway with a moss shed and firewood storage.                   Photo by Graham

Cliff and Alan are trying to figure out where the new cycle trail will go.                   Photo by Graham

Interesting area with dead trees.                    Photo by Graham

Two weeks before, the reservoir had about two meters more water in it, full up to the level above the stones in the background.

Another view of the tree stumps in the water.

Not much shelter here, but someone has stashed lawn chairs inside.

One of the canals connecting the reservoirs.

One more photo of tree stumps and rocks. These were covered two weeks before.

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  1. Gary hopkinson says:

    Greetings just found your blog. We too tried to find the new track, on a bike, but got lost.
    Call and see us sometime at the Serpentine.
    Best wishes
    Gary Hop

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