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ClareI am a semi-retired graphic designer and American ex-pat living on 2.5 acres on the Arnold River of the West Coast of New Zealand with my husband Cliff. We have lots of time now so we bake everything from scratch and have started a vegetable garden and small orchard. Recently we adopted three New Hampshire chickens who will provide us with eggs in the near future.

Keeping our land looking good keeps us busy. We do woodturning and fiddle around in our workshop, practice yoga and go out with a walking group every second Wednesday, there are many beautiful walks within a few hours drive.

The photo in our blog header is part of the view from our kitchen window. No wonder we like cooking so much!


CliffI am a fully retired typographer. After spending 40 years in the pre-press area of the printing trade I am happy to be spending my days on our beautiful property we have on the West Coast.

Like Clare I spend most of my days either working on our patch of land or (especially when it rains) being inside either baking, playing the piano or on the computer developing our blog or other websites. Life is good here on the coast, every day is an adventure.

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  1. Barbara Mulligan says:

    Hello Cliff. My husband & I are about to complete a book on NZ’s “ghost” railways which will be published by the end of this year by Grantham House Publishing. I have included a short paragraph on the Rewanui Incline advising readers it is accessible for walkers and cyclists only (our book is aimed at the traveller in an ordinary car, outlining what can be seen from the roadside). If possible I’d like to include a reference to your blog about the Incline which I have found most interesting.

    It would be great to hear from you about this in the next few days – we are due to hand over the manuscript to the publisher on Wednesday next week.

    Many thanks

    Barbara Mulligan

    • Clare says:

      Hi Barbara, we’d be pleased to have a link to our blog and look forward to seeing your book. All books about New Zealand walks, tracks and drives are a good resource for travelers, nature and history lovers.

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