A short walk from the Capleston carpark near Reefton

Capleston carpark

Capleston carpark

The sun was shining at Arnold Acres when we were picked up just after 9:00am to drive to the start of the walk north of Reefton. The fog rolled in as we neared Reefton (notorious for winter fog) and was still hugging the ground as 24 of us gathered for the briefing in the carpark.

A group shot at the trailhead

A group shot at the trail head by Bill

The lookout

The lookout

It didn’t take too long walking up a fairly steep track to arrive at the lookout. The lingering fog was evident but we had climbed above it.

More fog

Another fog shot

Most of the walk was in bush but the few times we had a view we had a look at and beyond the fog bank.


A good spot for lunch

We walked for about 45 minutes then turned around. Lunch was enjoyed just a short distance from where we parked. There was full sun by then and lots of fantails and robins. Fantails like to put on a show but by the time you get the camera out they have moved on.

Unusual fungus

An unusual fungus

Someone noticed several of these fungi near the end of the walk. As far as I could find out they are called red stinkhorn fungi and grow in areas of rotted gorse. This specimen was about 150mm across and we didn’t get close enough to see if the name was appropriate or not.

Now I’m going to figure out how to get rid of the date stamp on the lower right hand corner of the photos. It takes too long to Photoshop them out.

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