A banquet fit for a stoat

GoodNature traps—a great New Zealand invention.

This is a gas powered “trap” for stoats and rats. The bait goes in under the black cap, the stoat runs up the wire coil to eat the tasty bait and Pow! Right in the Kisser! The stoat falls down and the mechanism resets, ready for the next hungry stoat. It can kill up to 12 stoats on one small CO2 canister.

After the stoat is dispatched and they fall to the ground they are scavenged. So far I haven’t seen a dead one.

I’ve been seeing stoats almost every day for several months and occasionally over the past year. Pukekos and Wekas breed nearby and even though they are a pain in the neck I still don’t want to see their chicks eaten by stoats.

Look closely at the video, the stoat runs from the table corner to the grass on the left. Stoats are really bad dudes. They were brought here to kill rabbits (also introduced) but quickly found out flightless birds were a lot easier to kill.

Another view

The traps are supposed to be attached low on a tree but I don’t have any trees on the stoat paths near my house. The other option was to put a 2″ x 4″ in the ground and attach the trap to that. The wire coil is an optional extra. Without that, wekas would try to get the bait with dire consequences.

For the record, in the couple of weeks since I installed the GoodNature trap, I haven’t seen a single stoat!

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